APC type army vehicle

Here’s a model I made in a day (except for the machine gun and tires). Tell me what you think about the composite job, and please rate! :slight_smile:
The textures are done in Gimp and the DUDE is my best friend…I did an animation, but I have dialup, so it isn’t on youtube ;).


Shadows look a bit odd though. :confused:
Other than that very realistic. :smiley:

Cool! I like it.
As for crits, the tires look a bit flat, like they are embedded into to ground. And is that a tarp covering it? If so, it has a large area facing you that is too flat. A big stucci texture may fix it, or tweak the mapping of textures that are already on it. ( If that’s just a camouflage cover, that may be how you want it to look anyhow…)