Apend or link

When using apend or link to put an object into another scene and trying to edit it, it won’t let me (“can’t edit external library data” it says) please how can i do it? Thank you very much

Have a look here:


Use Append (button enabled by default) if you want to make a local independent copy of the object inside your file. Select Link if you want a dynamic link made to the source file; if anyone changes the object in the source file, your current file will be updated the next time you open it. These buttons are located in the File Browser window header.

In Blender, when you make a linked copy (described above), you cannot edit the object; all you have is a link to it. You cannot add to it or change it, because its source is in another file that is not open.

If you wan to edit the object make sure and Append.

it still wont let me ive done it, tried apend and link both of them nothing seems to work

oh i found what i needed to do i just had to make it local in the links & materials tool

Yeah, but once you make it local, then it is no longer linked. You are better off editing the external source. It’s kind of pain if you are a one-man-show, but in team environments, editing the external source would be the way to go.

True. That will work. But you should not have to do that. I think that there is something else going on here. Not sure what.

Have you tried just creating a test scene with a cube and then try and Append that to another scene? You should be able to do that and edit it. If not something is wrong. If you can, then there was something going on with that other object.

One reason might be that it had data protected somehow.


Proxy Objects

A proxy is a legal stand-in or substitute for the real thing. In Blender, when you make a linked copy (described above), you cannot edit the object; all you have is a link to it. You cannot add to it or change it, because its source is in another file that is not open.
When working in a team environment, you may want more flexibility. For example, if modeling a car, you may have one person working on the shape of the car (its Mesh), but another working on available color schemes (its Materials). In this case, you want to grant the Painter a Proxy of the object and allow him/her to modify the material settings. More commonly, you will have a character being animated by a team of animators; they can define poses, but cannot change the character’s colors or armature, only use what is defined by the master rigger.
The important aspect of a Proxy Object is that it allows you to edit data locally, but also allows specific data to be kept protected. Data that’s defined as protected will always be restored from the Library (typically on file reading or undo/redo steps). This protection is defined in the referenced Library itself, which means that only the Library files can define what’s allowed to change locally.
For Poses, you can control this by indicating Bone layers as being protected. A protected layer is shown with a black dot in it. Use CTRL+click on a button to protect or unprotect that layer.

Mode: Object Mode

Hotkey: Ctrl Alt P.

To make a Proxy object for yourself, establish a Link to the source object as described above. With that linked copy selected ( RMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/5/5e/Template-RMB.png and in view (you can see it in the 3D View), press Ctrl Alt P and confirm the Make Proxy dialog. The object will be named with the original name plus a “_proxy” suffix. You may now move and modify the proxy. When selected, it will look like a local object (outlined in pink).
You can then edit unprotected data. For most objects, this includes the location and rotation. You can also animate the object’s location and animation using Ipo Curves. For mesh objects, the shape of the mesh is protected, so you cannot define shape keys. When you reload your file, Blender will refresh your file with any changes made to the original protected data, but will not reset your changes (unless the owner has).

I’m having the same difficulty. Using Blender 2.49a. Both objects were created by me. No proxy and I can only link the one to the other. I can’t make a local appended version of the object. I can’t even make it local as the other chap could (Links and Pipeline). It gives me the same response. It’s almost like append is turned off in favor of linked objects.

Ok… I did something else and this works.

It appears that if you try to append to a layer that has objects in it. It will only link that object to that layer. If you put the object in a layer with no objects in it then it works fine. Like the old days when appended objects went to another layer you have to do that still.

When appending an object to your current blend…

  • Select a layer with no objects in it.
  • File => Append or Link
  • Select .blend and Objects then the object you wish to append.
  • At the top select Active Layer
  • Then click load library.

The link is perhaps made in a layer with objects to differentiate between that object and other objects you have that you are currently editing. To prevent you from editing by accident that object that has just now been ‘linked’ It might be good for blender to be a bit more intuitive in that area.

Link only objects that have a proxy
Link only objects to layer that has objects in it.
Append to layers with no objects

Remove or ‘grey out’ the other button when trying to append or link when that option isn’t doable is what I’m thinking.

Just some thoughts and hope that helps others.