Apending and keeping a shape


I have a .blend and I append a character and armature into it. I pose the character and use another moving object to parent it to and when I animate it it works. The problem is that with the armature in the blend the animation goes very slow. So I delete the armature and the animation works fine until I select another object. When I do the character snaps back into the original pose.

How can I bring a character into a .blend, pose it, remove the armature, and have it keep the shape I move it into? My project has a number of large animation scenes and will need to do this many times.

Any help?

Thank you,

When your armature has a lot of IK on it things get sluggish.

To keep the deformation without the armature, select your object, press Ctrl-Shift-A --> Apply Deformation. Then press Alt-P --> Clear Parent.

That your animation worked until you deselected the object is just a quirk of blender. You shouldn’t have expected it to (no armature == no deformation).

Hope this helps!

P.S. If you have a complicated scene, have you considered using the Sequence Editor to make things easier?