apending from library

I have been doing the Newbey Workshop, and decided I wanted a clear glass nose on my Hellfire. I started a new blend and eventualy acheived a nice nose section. Now I want to replace the old nose with the new one.

I go through the append sequence and nothing shows up in any view, but when I look at the outline there are a bunch of objects from the library file. I tryrd the append several times so there multiple copies of things. Thay are all linked to the [scene]

How do I make them show up in 3D view so I can use them?

I sometimes have that problem too. What I’ve noticed is that if I bring an object in under “Mesh,” it often won’t show. It usually works if I bring it in under “Object.” If you are trying to append through Mesh, you might be having the same problem as me. I hope this helps you.

push ~ key to make all layers visible. If you were working on different layers they might not be visible if only one layer is active. An Object in layer 3 for example will be appended to layer 3 in new file. Just guessing here of-course :wink:

patdog Minerva Thanks! I Think I was just not doing it right. The first time I tryed it didn’t work so I started doing different things, forgetting what I had tryed, flaling about if you will.
What I learned is:
you have to load from the OBJECT directory.
you have to RMB to make an object active and LMB to select it.

I still have the problem of the appended object dissapearing just after I load it. I will be there and when I try to zoom and pan the 3D view to work with it, it sometimes just goes away. I reload and try again and some times it dosen’t go away.

Life is full of little mysteries.