Aperture Birds Trailer.

Okay many of you probably know that I decided to do a trailer for a small non-blender related project I was doing music for.
So for heavy critique as I want people to think it’s looks great.
So tell me what needs improvement and how to iprove it.


Enjoy! And please critique.

No critiques?:frowning:

Did I do that well?:confused:

The main thing I find with these images is that it is incredibly unclear exactly what’s going on. i don’t know what is meant to be happening :confused:

The image seems washed out as well…


What rofl-copter says is pretty much spot on. Just one more point: the motion blur in the top image is quite jaggered, not sure if that’s intentional though. I would smooth it out however, it’ll look much better.

Yeah. Well these are frames for an animation.
At rofl-copter: these are frames of a trailer for a Portal spoof off of Angry birds. It’s really only 8 secs (cause of my simple animation)
As for the image being washed out Are you referring that it looks blandly colored?
It could be the AO (yes I’m using it).

That just the vector blur. I’m going to render it out using Renderfarm.Fi and I may use the regular MOBLUR for that.

Fair enough. Is it possible to post the animation?

As for the colours, I think they are a bit bland.

I need to render the animation first…:o my computer can’t do it on it’s own as it’ll take days or weeks.

And staying away from blender that long kills me :D.

As for the colors, what do you think needs improvement? What colors need to be lightened or darkened, or so on?

Sorry. I ask too many questions :D.

I think the main problem with the colours is that the image is dominated by those grey walls. I would probably make it whiter, almost pure white. Maybe make each wall reflect a little…

For another critique, the scene looks too simple. maybe add something to the walls, some variation?

I’ll see what I can’t do! :slight_smile:

The shadows are very bland, very bland indeed. Too flat, not enough “nice” shading.

The inside of that room for the last shot should be very dark, but not instant. Simply less light would get there. Try making a test render with Cycles and that will show you what I mean.

My computer can’t support cycles builds :frowning:

I think I can offer a few words regarding your workflow.

You say that you can not render the animation. It would be a good idea to try and find a way to render lower resolution sample scenes. Also start out with not the entire scene with motion blur and textures but a simple scene just to work on the timing and other factors of the animation.

Seems like you are trying to do all of it at once.

As for rendering, turn on your machine when you sleep and render at night. No lost time that way.

In short, take the thing in simple steps, find a way to work with what you have, and post the animation here so you can get help to work out the various problems you run into.

As far as lighting and textures and so on. Think of each of these things in separate stages of complexity. The scene can start out with simple objects and no real lighting with just the camera moves and animation. Then gradually progress. Next start on what seems logical. For some that may be just the textures and shading. For others maybe just the lighting next then textures. Maybe you can get ahold of some production blogs and study the sequence and see what makes sense for you.

When you get to each of these stages, study them in some detail first. Take a look at what other people do in productions you like and work to implement it in your production. There is a lot to learn about lighting all in itself. Basically you want to try and paint with light. Don’t just turn on AO or light the scene evenly. Try to control parts of the scene that get more attention and others that are not lit as well to give the viewer something to focus on rather than an even bland scene. Just some quick tips. But study it for yourself and it will pay off.

Completely agree with Richard Culver on the workflow. It’s really important to block out different parts and polish them as you decide on different things. Making changes after you’ve made a polished version that you later notice needs to be redone is very frustrating and a waste of time.

For animation blocking you could even use the open GL preview rendering. That can’t take more than a maximum of a few minutes to render and will give us a better idea on what you’re trying to do. Having an animation preview will make it easier for others to help improve your animation. (if it isn’t perfect that is ;))
At the same time you can render a few frames to give the finished look for material/lighting/shading critique etc. There’s really no need to render both the animation and everything else in high quality to get critique. Just enough so everyone else can get an idea of the whole picture.

When you think you’re done it’ll probably be clever to render a low quality version to check for bugs, get final critiques and so on. After that it’s time for the final.

I don’t know why but the open GL preview won’t render.

What do you mean? It won’t create a picture?