Aperture Science Combustable Lemon Launcher

As soon as I saw the picture… I knew what I had to do…

Modeled and rigged in 2.49
Recently ported to 57:rolleyes:

Not sure what I’m going to do with it… I might just post the blend or something…
Any c&c (did I use that right?:spin:) would be greatly appreciated.

‘We’re done here…’


That. Is. So. COOOOL!!! I love it. :smiley: XD When it’s done will you make it a .exe file?

Thank you!
I hadn’t really thought of an .exe, but I’ll try that when it’s done…
I going to add a few gamey things first though, (mainly ammo, a HUD sort of thing and better sounds.)

Also… More screenshots! (I made tons!!):smiley:


Awesome creation. Keep it up!

Lemon_launcher_257.blend :evilgrin:

“I don’t want your damn lemons!
What am I supposed to do with these!?”

Great! And it works on my integrated intel HD graphics… Not many pretty things do!

The story is given: It’s the invasion of giant killer amoebas, They can digest a human every third second (and the quickly silenced scream of the first second of burning digesting acids is horrifying), when they digested 3-4 humans (or animals of equal size) they split in two. They don’t move to fast, but if You close they can stretch out and snap You, and they move silently, can climb on walls and in the roof, and they often drop down on there victims.

And the only thing that kills them is lemon grenades, thanks to the unique combination of explosive power and vitamin C.

LaH, you just managed to sell that to me with the vitamin C part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, 10 points for Raiderium! Ha \ha awesome blend man.

Thanks you guys!

@LaH Ha ha! You sir, have just made my day!

As soon as I saw the picture… I knew what I had to do…

What picture exactly?

Whoops! Guess I forgot to put that on here!

That one…

Sorry for not being on lately, school was my only source of reliable inter-web connection. So access opportunities are few and far between…

Anyways… onto those lemons!

Recently updated it with the ‘Lemons speech’ playing when you near a three-pack of lemons (ammo!) [Will add update when I actually have the file on me…]
I’m trying to think of what to add to it…

80s style Turrets maybe?

definitely adding-
Boxed lemon ammo. Aperture Brand Combustible Lemons!
An actual level.
Another weapon, The Aperture Science Combustible Lemon [REDACTED] Thrower (hint: Pyro)
Giant Amoebas… maybe…

If you have any other insane ideas, feel free to add them!

Haven’t actually made any progress since last time, so I’ll be brief.
I’ve made a lot of progress as far as modeling, textures and animation (not applyed to this quite yet…)
And if all goes according to plan, that big update I promised will only be a couple days off!

I’m defiantly adding better explosions and better animations.
Hopefully everything will still run on that Integrated Intel HD graphics card of yours LaH

http://www.mediafire.com/?47362msm97y8pbm - Added - Better explosions Box spawner (+boxes… merp) Pickup Launcher Intro animation Music other stuff… Have fun!

Long time no upload!


The Good
Better Explosions
Cool intro
Better (and randomly cycling) sounds (firing pickup, etc.)
Slightly better animations
Crates to explode!

The Bad
Had to drop down to Multitexture to support explosions, resulting in shadeless look.
Awkward ‘level’ design.
No real point yet (Blow stuff up!)

The Fixed
Explosion effect lasted a couple seconds longer than it should (lemons exploded on impact with explosion radius, even after smoke had faded.)
This post!

Vitamin C-4… chuckle