Aperture Science Inc.

Actually a lot of factories do. The power plant our electrical engineering students tour has a lot of rigging/decking/etc exposed. It’s not uncommon; a little harsh in inclement weather, perhaps, but still popular.

@Skyler: Agreed.

Update! Tell me what you think:

Wait a minute. We’re going to McDonald’s. I’ll have the update in the next post in about an hour : ).

Ok, maybe not an hour… LOL.

Ok, so here are the latest pics of my progress. I’m gonna add progressively smaller pipes and after that I’ll add some scaffolding. After that I’ll add the rest of the parking lot, then a background, etc.

So yeah, here are the pics:

What do you think? I’m not gonna add many more large pipes, but I’ll still add a lot of little mini pipes that look like nothing more than details. Then comes the scaffolding, which shouldn’t take long if I copy and paste all of the parts throughout the scene : ).

And here’s a quick high-res render : ):

Please reply, I want a lot of responses please : )!

Thank you!

Here is my reply: Very nice! Go, go, go! I want to see more pipes! :smiley:

Thank you : ). I’m glad I’m not the only one who think it still needs more pipes! Then with the scaffolding it’ll look awsome!

I think you should add the parking lot sometime. If you need more reference than just the end scene of Portal, you can use:
sv_cheats 1
in the console just before the GLaDOS room and go up to a semicircle of trees with what looks like some kind of sports field near it. You might want to look around and find this bluish-gray room first; that room has cake. :cool: Then go up out of the cake room and look for the parking lot above you. Once you’re up above the concrete, turn noclip off in the console by typing noclip again. You’re in the Aperture Science Heavy Duty Vehicle Parking Area, colloquially referred to as the parking lot. :slight_smile: Walk around and take screenshots if you want by pressing F5. After that, you can either noclip back to the GLaDOS room or quit Portal.

@TheBlackHole: Been there, done that : ). I tried it out about a week and a half ago and that’s what inspired me to do this project : ). Thanks for the suggestion though!

I’m still working on my project, but I having a hard time trying to get it to look right. I’m not getting very far, and there’s not much improvement at all from my last update.

I’ll try making some concept sketches and see what you guys think.

Oops. Double post.

wow i love it! cant wait for the finished product! maybe (if you and time… and a team -> hint hint) you could turn it into a short film!

So, here are a few sketches of what I want to add to the roof of the Aperture Science building:

I think this is a really nice looking sketch, but I think that I need more “accessories”.

I’m trying to get things to look a little more industrial and have that appearance of a labyrinthine of scaffolds and pipes and VALVe’s (:D).

I might want to add one of these control room type things with a High Voltage sign, but I can’t seem to get a good combo of industrial and Aperture looking equipment. I’m not really satisfied with my work, but it’s taking me way too long, especially for the amount of free time I have.

I’m gonna add a couple of giant washers and rings like in the first sketch to the largest few pipes and see how it looks and hopefully by then I should have a few replies : ).

Please tell me what you think and give me any tips or suggestions please : ).

Thank you in advance for replies!

I think I should just start working on the background and forget about the Aperture Science Advanced Experiment And Equipment Containment Facility (Aperture Science building :D) for now. I’ll get back to it later (or last : /).

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Good morning. You and your project have been in suspension for -TEN- years. In compliance with state and federal regulations, all testing candidates in the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center must be revived periodically for a mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise.
Is there anything new to look for here? I really like this project and it would be sad to see that it has been abandoned.