Aphelion: Phoenix Rising ships

This image includes renders of the six different ships that are in our 4X(explore, expand, exploit and exterminate) game, Aphelion: Phoenix Rising. There is a ship present from each of the six different races. Modeling and rendering was done in Blender and the texturing was done in Photoshop. All models are under 1600 triangles. Any comments are welcome and please visit our site www.darkomenstudios.net if you want more info.

– Added another shot of our newest ships –


Nice, good luck with the game.

I added a screen shot of a few more ships to be in our game. Read the original post for more info.


these guys may have a problem with the name of your game: http://hostileintent.org/

the ships look good, personally i think the one on the bottom left looks like an organic submarine or something, though.