Api keywords highlighting and auto completion in notepad++

Hi I made a autocomplete file of notepad++ for blender recently , it can autocomplete about 10000 keywords I have added into the autocomplete file,you just unzip and put it to the \Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder and replace the python.xml,enable autocomplete option in notepad++, restart notepad++. it’s been updated for blender2.74

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Great Thanks for your job!
Congratulations. :eyebrowlift:

I have too a question about your “Python for Blender.uew” file:
Is it possible to use it with Notepad++ ?
Or to read his data and make a new UDL.xml file to import as new language in Notepad++?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Edit: For Notepad++, Murat Egreti has made a UDL.xml…it’s ok now!

hi Spirou4D
you can use my file to make a syntax of Notepad++ ,but maybe you need to copy the keywords from my file and paste to your Notepad++ manually,I 'm not quite Familiar with Notepad++,it seems that you can make your own syntax inside Notepad++ and export your syntax file.

Great thanks for your sharing.

I have transformed this syntax file into notepad++ version


python_blender_for_notepad++.zip (50.1 KB)

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Note: You must upload it with the menu Language->Define your language and save it with a new name.

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Edit: I have a question: Have you make the completion for Notepad++, please?
because I used it but not completion like in UltraEdit? is it possible to make myself?

Other question: How make the folding function to be activate?
Your python_Blender don’t allow to use the folding like with python alone.

for the first question: this is also my question,I don’t know how to make the keywords auto completion in the user define language.
for the second question: I don’t kown how to make the class and def keyword folding as the { } do in c++,I kown how to make it start folding but have no idea how to end the folding.mybe I’m just not Familiar with Notepad++.I hope someone can tell me how.

a autocomplite file of notepad++ for blender2.74 api keywords is made,you just unzip and put it to the \Notepad++\plugins\APIs folder and replace the python.xml,restart notepad++.

python_autocomplete_file.zip (62.7 KB)

This looks great, it will be very handy. Is there a way to keep this list synchronized with future versions? Any ideas on how to generate it?

this is great,
I use Notepad++ for blender development all the time.

@const : I just modify and add the api keywords to the notepad++ build-in python autocomplete file manually.