API Question: Interaction with Serial/USB Communications?

Hi all,

I am about to try out Blender but before I go through with the actual download, I just wanted clarification on one thing.


What I hope to achieve is to design an animation on Blender and use an external I/O device communicating through either a DB-9 COM (serial) or USB port to control this animation / simulation.


Since the code and program is basically open-source, will I be able to achieve this? Or does blender only accept input from the keyboard and mouse?

Any sort of help would be appreciated on this topic.

Many thanks,

PJC :smiley:


It is feasible.
Blender incorporates a ‘limited’ Python. Using Pyro or cTypes it is possible to send and receive data to/from a ‘real’ Python installation.
Pyro even allow this communication to run over a LAN or (shiver!) the internet.

Having this link to real Python the sky’s the limit. S


USB interface kit from Vellerman (seems a bit slow):

Adlink I/O interface card (I’m using this for my project):

And of couse… Blender being Open Source You can modify the engine Yourself. ;o)