Apnavoip is spamming Blenderartists !

Just in case you didn’t notice. SPAM ! :eek:

You probably should have just used the ‘report post’ button and let the mods take care of it rather than posting a whole topic…

Just in case you didn’t notice. This little button below every post is there to report this kind of abuse.
BTW i did do that allready and the mods of this board will take care of it as they do every time.

Oh nice button ! didn’t know of its existence, thanks ! (now mods delete this stupid thread as well !)

just do a whois on his domain, and post his real Email for the spambots to give him a taste of his own medicine.

the longer it is left there, the more spam he will get.

here is a fast whois site, in linux you have an actual command:

have fun

Well, the mods don’t seem to have done anything yet. Where are you guys?

here is his photo:

Just hit the red button, a mod will get them down within the hour.

Me, I’m here!
And I, never in my life, will delete a thread from the muy macho Malefico!

Mmph!.. did you do that to his mouth? Or was it OTO making him shut up?