Apocalypse update

here it is…

and take a look at my other project to(monkey maze update)

And my updates are done by how many times I’ve opened and edited the project , the . 's I mean like Fps V 2.8 instead of Fps V2

I don’t see anything in the first post…?

Or is this a topic telling us about how you have updated the project… the project you already have a topic for?

http://www.filefront.com/14351213/FPSactiongame-V2.8compress.blend/ the updated Version

Could you post some screenshots so I know whether I’ll be wasting my time by downloading something.

Well I think I’d suffer from sea sickness with this. The world is in a constant rotation.




That’s an example of the recoil when the mouse is clicked,I’m also having some muzzle flash issues.


The alien going to be common enemy for the game


A render of the gun(which is a 44. magnum)


and last but not least the main menu complete with resizing animations when the mouse goes over a button(I mean play,quit that type of stuff)!!!


When I open the blend the top line of text is off my screen and when I press enter the the scene is in constant rotation. Just a small movement of the mouse rapidly changes the direction of the rotation.
Conclusion: Currently not useable even as a demo. Much more work required with your control system


ugh, it’s ok, I agree with the above and the gun animation is way too slow, it’s like in slow motion speed it up ALOT

The camera control is really weird, use socials templates please :smiley: