to the credit and maturity of Mr. valarking,
we have sorted things privately.
I think an Apology is also owed to the many other users of this forum.
to young & old…
there is enough rubbish going on in OTChat without me adding to it.
I for 1 will be more careful in future, after all, this is a very public face of blender.
that is something we all should be careful with.

Am I missing something? What are you apologizing for?:confused:


what are you apologizing for, though? i miss all the good scuffles on BA.

I think there’s one going on right now if you can catch it,
Cyborg Dragon vs. Blender Artists users

Render up some popcorn and lets see who comes out victorious.

It’s cool. :smiley:

So anyway, I just got the DVD for Clerks 2. Anyone watched it yet? How are the special features? I imagine that a Kevin Smith commentary would be pretty good.