apology for the 'stupid' countdown thread

when I posted the countdown thread, I meant the app 7000 euro that are currently missing to reach or first goal.

I could have made it more clearly, (like writing 7224 or completely explain it). But I thought it would be partly obvious, since I posted it in the elysiun-section, since a countdown normally has a purpose and a goal (the goal of killing the database was not in my mind, maybe I am too naive).

So I am sorry for confusing. But I felt like celebrating the success. To get it locked was quite a shock.

And it wouldn´t have gotten 7000 replies. I would have taken care of that.
So, dear Forum god, please open it again and let it serve its purpose. I think the idea was not that bad.


quiet haunt_house! we all know that is exactly what you meant to do. i’m on to your little antics! :stuck_out_tongue: kidding of course!

A shame it was locked, really. Would’ve been a quick way for people to become ForumMonkeys.

that rank is for DEDICATED blender people, like my self and HH. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

ya really your statis is spossed to say something about u

<---------- :smiley: i’m always here just never have somehting smart to say

that rank is for DEDICATED blender people, like my self and HH.

cough cough

And what about the DEDICATED people who have more than 1K posts?


You mean:

Forum Uber-Monkey


I am now one post closer. har!

no it wouldn’t. That is exactly the reason why he has locked it and why I now try not to feel like dirt under his feet.


HH you have more posts than Kib, great now i’m gunna get myself booted for pointing that out.

I don´t think so. He had a reason for locking. By the way You have also more posts. Seems Kib uses his time more efficiently. than we do :stuck_out_tongue: