I would like to apologize for doing something very uncalled for…

HeadCheese posted his password on IRC by accident, then announced that he had registered his nickname (w/ NickServ on freenode)… so me and a few unnamed friends began sending GHOST commands to nickserv and laughing about it.

Time passed… and then someone brought up this post: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31574

So in passing conversation the idea of logging in as him and posting random stupid stuff came to mind…

so i attempted to login using the password he had revealed earlier, dumbfounded by the fact that he had not changed it I posted a few posts (one was pretty offensive and i apologize) , and I followed up by posting the material in #blenderchat

We laughed at the replies and moved on… but after a few minutes lo and behold HeadCheese shows up!!

So me and my companions started teasing him specifically about this post:


so after revealing this to him… and apologizing, and giving a brief lecture to him on “security” and passwords.


I apologize deeply for my uncalledfor behavoir.

At least you didn’t really mess up his rep. :-?

pats blackmage
It doesn’t appear that you posted anything too stupid (like porn etc. that could get him banned), and you apologised. We all have our stupid moments (e.g. search the forum for stuff involving me and OOPz), and most of us our insanely n000bish ones too. I, for one, think that so long as you’re sincere, you get a full thingy-that-goes-with-an-apology-that-I-can’t-remember-the-word-for-right-now.


What did you post Blackmage?

Subject: I AM GOD OF 3D



BOW TO MY 1337n355!!!

In blender general as response to how to become a pro 3d artist:

Duhhhh… put pie in your nose. :B :B :B

On here in response to that movie post:
Im a loser.

Wow. This is the first time someone has claimed something like HEADCHEESE did and it was actually true. I’m sorry for doubting you HEADCHEESE and I’ll be more careful in the future about it.


%| %| %|

This is completely insane.

lol valarking you never fail to amuse me. Where do you get all of those pictures? It seems like you have one for everything.


It’s not that he has so many, but that he posts them multiple times. I think this is the second or third time I’ve seen that one.

Just look around in other forums and humor sites and they’ll turn up. Pretty easy to make yourself if you wanted to.

Yes, shbaz, I keep a “blank” copy of that image on my HD and edit it for whatever needs I have. Easy as that.

None the less the off topic forum wouldn’t be the same with out them.


Well, needless to say, I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t think that anyone on this forum would actually do something that nasty. Thanks for apologizing, though.

i dont see what that could posible be funny about taking someones password and post stupid things.