apos fractal

now i see background is splottchy

rendered at 5555 - took maybe 1.75 hours - - maybe need to try ~10000

it’s licensed cc-by-sa and gfdl latest versions

i’d like it btter if it wasnt pink
but still



and thank you, for the feedback :slight_smile:

how are you doing those!?

Its a fractal generator called apophysis. Its pretty cool, you mess with values and it spits out these.

The one thing i dont like about it is that the images tend to be a bit grainy because of the plot points. And there’s no simple way to really clean it.

Really nice images though, i have a few fractal screen backgrounds like this.

… perhaps it depends how you define simple. If you set the render quality higher, the less grainy the images will be. That is my understanding. However, to have to look super-un-grainy and sooper smooth you may have to set the render quality pretty high, and without a super fast computer, rendering them then may take quite a while. :spin:

and indeed, it is called apophysis - and it is OPEN SOURCE_ , like Blender 3D :slight_smile:

Its true emesee, simple is a relative term, but then again what isn’t??! :slight_smile: I was thinking post process clean up with Gimp or Photoshop. The problem is there is no good filter or selection tool that will clean a grainy image quick and easy, at least non that i can think of. That’s all I was saying. Having a higher quality render would surely help but i think its just the nature of the program to have some grain to it. I havent used it for a while though so…

Have you tried the animation Apophysis script using flam3 ? I can’t seem to get it to work.