Apothecary bottles

Hi all, this is my last project: “Apothecary bottle” inspired by JieLou :


woow man this is awesome, now i know how others do the spider webs cool, one question,
what is exactly is the light source ,it loos nice ,and the bottle sheders thy really look realistic

Thanks, for me I think that the spider webs can be more realistic, for the light it’s simple, I have an HDRI, and a sun

just like that? i really try my beast to make a realistic scene but i really cant

I work a lot and I do small scene, and I ask how can I do a better shaders etc… and with time you can do somthing like that !

coool nice tip

HI I try to have a better spider web


How is that

Sorry I don’t understand !

I am sorry, I meant for the beater spider web

Ok, sorry but I don’t have a good english, so if you want to know how I made spiders web, it simple, it’s a plane with a good texture.