Hey guys,
Did not post here for a while ! But finally found the time for a small personal project /study.
Following the amazing course from Creative Shrimps about cinematic lighting gave me a lot of ideas ! ( https://blendermarket.com/products/cinematic-lighting-in-blender ) Top notch quality course , as expected.

Also i have to give some credits to Skechfab and the amazing collection of CC0 quality photoscans from the Virtual Museums of Małopolska (Virtual Museums of Małopolska (@WirtualneMuzeaMalopolski) - Sketchfab)
Seriously, check it out it is a gold mine… I adjusted a bunch of shaders to make the assets shine even more, but just the quality of the scans… G.O.L.D

Most of them are pretty high poly, (some really high for no particular reason) but honestly Decimate and Smooth modifier (not always), works just fine !

Anyway, here is what came out of Blender/Cycles (all post processing/color grading etc. ) done in Blender. A few textures generated by AI , but that’s it !

PS : about the ducks… it’s something for Gleb and one of his course from a few years ago. :laughing:

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Bravo for this work and thank you for all sources :slight_smile: I like ducks shot very well :slight_smile:

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Hi - Congratulations on Your next great course at Blendermarket, I’m glad You like the content from our Virtual Museums of Malopolska project (Virtual Museums of Małopolska (@WirtualneMuzeaMalopolski) - Sketchfab) and I’m glad You like the way You use it. By the way, most of our 3D elaborations are created in Blender :slight_smile: … and for everyone interested in the true stories behind these objects, please visit https://muzea.malopolska.pl/


Hi Pawel ! and welcome to BlenderArtist !
And yes i love what you guys are going with the virtual museums… The quality of your 3D scans is great too.
It is amazing to be able to digitally immortalize those ancient items.

Thank you so much for sharing all this. Really.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Perfect cinematic look. No doubt.

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For people who want to use the objects in a render, it would be great if you included information about the height/width of the objects. When I import them into blender they are 22m tall.

Sorry for the late reply, but I missed this e-mail somewhere - our models should be in scale, if not - in the description of the model there is a link to museum card of this object - there you will find all possible information - including the dimensions of the object in the “Technical Information” tab.

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