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(NateTG) #1

i am looking for free apps that do the following. if anyone could direct me to some, I would be very happy. :smiley: I have windoze… :-?

a) a decent video editor… im thinking like cinerella for win.

b) (if not included in part a) something for text effects (credits, etc.) that can render them as avi or something. (right now i use blender for text effects… and its just not blender’s niche. if you get my drift. :wink: )

help is much appreciated. 8)

(VelikM) #2
tucows is a good site to search if you’re looking for free software.

(djfuego) #3

you can signup so they email you with links to freeware type apps.
Blender was mentioned more than once.

(pofo) #4

This thread might be useful:

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