APPA - an Avtar Chapter [Fan Short]


Hi Blender Artists!
I wanted to share my 6month project from 2020

My aim for this project was to make a Pixar/SemiRealistic adaptation of the ATLA series.
(and do some justice to what the live-action film did) :slight_smile:

Some random stills of this project:


Appa was designed to be hella fluffy and cute- somewhat a diverge from the cartoon.
– I felt like this needed to be done to justify the Pixar style and break away from the anime look.
(and to have more fun with the Hair sim update)

Took me a few weeks to sculpt, retopo and rig him- he’s available for free on blendswap now!

[the rig ain’t pretty, but I did only what’s needed for this short. Did not plan for it to be used for production]

Last goodbye: