Apparatus - Small Update [20/03/17]

(Lucrecious) #1


I’m working on a project on BDX. The name is tentative. Here’s a small video:

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As far as progress, I have most of the character done (animations, sound, mechanics). I have a simple tiling system which I will demo later.

Art done by Daniel Schüler.

(SolarLune) #2

Huh, looks pretty cool so far. Nice grass waving effects. What kinda game will it be? And what do you mean by “tiling system” - like the tiles in the game world? Because automatic tiles sounded like a good idea to me as well for Gearend - never got around to actually trying them out, though.

(Lucrecious) #3

The game will be a platformer mostly - think Ori and the Blind Forest; Metriodvania-ish + heavy platformer.

As for the tiling system, essentially all my tiles are the same type of object and I change the texture according to what is already surrounding the tile. I also have an image parser that I use to place tiles; specific colors yield a specific tile type (grass, wall, sand, etc). The reason I use an image rather than, say, a text file, is because most image editors come with a layering system. So for one screen (like Gearend screen where the camera is locked to an area) I can have a background layer, a foreground layer, an obstacle iayer and an entity layer. And images are nicer visually lol

I use images instead of manually creating the levels in Blender so I can easily load screens that the player is currently near, and I don’t need to worry too much about the size of the world (which I plan to be open, like Gearend, and in one scene). Using images also allow me to quickly debug levels while in game by just editing and re-saving the image - that’s just a nice touch though haha

Here’s the editor I was talking about. It’s still a WIP, but I hope this gives a better idea of what I mentioned.

(Lucrecious) #4

I made a video about multithreading for loading world chunks to reduce lag spikes.
If anyone is interested in the actual code, I’d be happy to make a video explaining and showing exactly what I did.

(Lucrecious) #5


Here’s another devlog.

I talk about level editing mostly.

(hilkojj) #6

Hey man, the game looks cool.
I used to store levels in text files, with characters or numbers representing blocks. That was pretty much the worst way of level editing.
Recently I also tried to do it with images, but now I’ll give Tiled a try. Thanks for the useful video.

(Lucrecious) #7

Thanks hikojj!

I noticed your project uses templates to randomly generate levels. I think you’d find Tiled extremely useful to do that too haha

The next devlog will hopefully be something more substantial gameplay wise.

(Smoking_mirror) #8

Great videos. Subscribed!
It’s not that hard to code up a level editor in Blender rather than using a stock solution.
The good thing about a Blender (or BDX) editor is you can use it for more complex things like adding enemies, waypoints, items, assigning AI strategies and other things besides just placing tiles.

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #9

Lucrecious really cool game guy… I love the feel you have shaping up the art style is wicked and classic :stuck_out_tongue:

does all blender’s logic brick system work the same way for BDX as for UPBGE or just standard BGE or is it more for knowing programmers? scary I’m an artist I don’t program at all, and hardly use any code for my games outside of maybe some custom 2d filters or good 3rd person camera script…

(Lucrecious) #10


I’ve a small update - school is a lot for me right now, but I’ve managed to work on the project a little bit more. Nothing much has changed except that I’ve added rolling and an energy bar.

The colours in the gifs are a little messed up because I exceeded the colour limit for a single gif, but it still looks pretty good. The gifs are running at 20fps, but the game runs at a solid 60fps.

Here’s a close up:

Here’s from further away: