apparently I'm not the first in my family to use blender!

I was doing some research for a project, and I put the original way to spell my last name into google (somewhere along the lines one of my ancestors decided to change the spelling of his last name, making things just that much more difficult, considering he was the only one in his family to do so it seems :< )
The first thing that came up looks like it has to do with blender! take a look for yourself

It’s nothing big, I guess, but it was kind of cool for me.

oh, if google gives you something else, the more direct link is here:

hey thats cool, it really has got to do with blender though i thought it would have been a coincidence but it got a link to zoo-blender

Jean goes by the nickname IamInnocent in here. :slight_smile:


Well there could be an advantage of having a blender veteran in your family, you have trouble with the program and you’ll have free personal help. Of course with me i’m the only one in my family that uses Blender.

Hey that’s pretty cool!
I wonder if he belongs to the family association? It wouldnt hurt to ask, I suppose…
Kansas: I dont even know this person really, lol… and no one said you couldn’t ask other people for help… But I guess having someone who’s been using it longer than a significant amount of people here does help.