Apparently Silo is still alive and kicking...

As I stated earlier in this thread. :wink:

To access, use CTRL F while in edit mode: Intersect (Booleans).

Or menus: Mesh–>Faces–>Intersect (Booleans).

Any perceived ‘kicking’ it’s doing is merely a spasm.
Until it actually shows serious progress, this just looks like the minimum of effort to keep hobbyists buying licenses.

I’m a Silo refugee as well (by way of NVIL, which is the real successor to Silo), and while it was a wonderfully thought-out modeling package at the time, I’d still need Blender alongside it for other tools and purposes (animation, etc), so I went Blender all the way.

I don’t want to revive this thread, but just to remark how incompetent the Silo forums are, I asked twice for a roadmap or what are the future plans and all I got was complete silence (ironically they twitted their holiday sales a few days after). I have to agree that this is just a low effort cash grab.

I’m content with Silo still being developed( Its fast’n’simple interface is still tops ), but I do understand where jpthrash is coming from; the CGTalk forum is lacking. With a proper site they can have their own front-page to show off artist efforts and present a proper roadmap - even if that roadmap shows only an effort to keep the software functioning and bug free.

I started in Silo for two years. Then moved onto Blender. After fits and starts with Blender haven’t looked back.