Append a file with a relative path


I’m trying to append a file which works well with this command :
bpy.ops.wm.link_append(directory="/media/Data/Projects/Blender/P Tools/addon/ptools/ptools.blend/NodeTree/", filename=“PMatte”, link=False)

But how to get the same command with a relative path? is it possible?
I tried a lot a combinations like directory="//ptools.blend/NodeTree/", filename=“PMatte” but nothing seems to work.

This works for me on windows:

bpy.ops.wm.link_append(directory="/relative_subdir/your.blend/Scene/", filepath="//your.blend/Scene/Scene", filename=“Scene”, link=False)

your.blend is in C:\relative_subdir, and the other importing blend is in C:\

Thanks but it still doesn’t work correctly. I try on window and it works only if my files are like you on the C:/ but if I put the same files somewhere else, it doesn’t work. Weird.

I see that we can use a parameter “relative_path”, I add it with true as the value and it doesn’t work either outside C:/