Append All

Hi, I have a corrupted Blender file that I can still open but is showing errors a normal file wouldn’t get, I need to transfer the meshes from that file into a clean copy. The problem is that there are 1000 objects. How can I transfer all of the meshes at once?

When appending objects from another blend file you can use select options like border select (LMB & drag) and shift+LMB to add to selection or deselect.

Thanks, one last thing is, if you have too many materials, will you just be shown the “Data Browse” option when you want to use an existing one?

You might also want to try starting with a clean blender file, go to open a new file, but DESELECT the “Load UI” option (this is for blender 2.5x, btw). Sometimes when some weird pref settings are messing things up, this fixes everything as it resorts to the default prefs and interface arrangement.

also i an you an transfert scene which will include all objects in the sceme

but if file is corrupted it’s possible that some of the objects won’t be included !

happy 2.5


Thank you for the suggestions, I was succesful. I am using 2.49 (Kinda a requirement for me, time to put that in the signature). My other issue is that, after doing this, I have a ton of mytexture.tga.001 - mytexture.tga.015 , probably due to the number of Appends I did. Is there a way to turn these into just mytexture.tga ?