Append and Link in Blender 2.8 (Bug?)

Hi everybody! I need help with Append and Link in Blender 2.8. I can’t understand whether it’s some bug or not, so let me describe the situation. For example, I add an object to my scene through Link. It’s obvious that I can’t edit it. So then I add the same object to the scene through Append. I think I can edit it but no, I can’t even move it. And the object has an icon of link which points out to his link. I checked that in three builds of Blender 2.8. And if I add an object to the scene just through Append (no Link), it works well. But if I first add an object to my scene through Link and then through Append, the object can’t be edited. Is it a bug or not? Should I address that to Support?

In 2.8, there will be an override system.
If you start blender2.8 from a command line with --enable-static-override argument, you will be able to add a static override to linked object.
At that moment, you can move it without the need of an append.
Or you can make linked object local.

The real problem is that appending an object is not renamed with a .001 suffix.
So, you appended an object that is already there.
This is a bug that was already reported.

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Very grateful! I thought that I would spend a sleepless night solving this mystery problem))

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