append and move parented objects

I have created a door as a few objects (Case, Door, Handles, Hinges, empty)
The hardware is parented to the door, the door to the empty.
The door opens by changing the empty angle.

When I append the door to the house.blend file and try to move it, it won’t move without spreading the different objects of the door apart. If I try to rotate it rotate centers but does not turn the objects.

There must be some way to select all of the doors objects and rotate them so they stay relative to each other.

Please advise where I have gone wrong.


Sounds to me like you’re moving multiple objects, both parents and children. That can get pretty messy pretty fast. Check the heirarchy in your outliner, and cross-check which objects/empties are animating.

I think I may have explained poorly.
I have a complete door made of several objects in one file.
It appends into a file of the complete house correctly but in the wrong location. (at the 3D cursor)

The problem is how to move and rotate the door into its correct position in the house.
It wants to separate the objects that make up the door when I try to move it into place.

Do I need to group and move the group or somethings like that?
I would not think that would be different than assembling models for a scene but I am new to blender and have not done that before.

Most likely you should create a group with all those objects, and the append the group in the other .blend file. All should be correct