Append and replace object data?

I have a scene (1) of a CAD import consisting of thousands of objects. I also have another scene (2) of the same CAD import, but imported with different import settings, to reduce polygon count. Scene 1 already has materials assigned to the objects, and objects sorted into layers, while scene 2 does not. What I want though is to replace all the objects in scene 1 with the objects from scene 2 while keeping all of those assignments (layers, materials, linking). Objects are named the same in both scenes. Is that possible?

so you have 2 blend files with same objects but different topo data!

should be possible with a script
and re assign data to your scene

may be ask in python forum or even on blenderstack

see this one for some ideas

let us know if you find a way

note: i got beginning of a script for data transfer
but not including part to read from one blend file to another
with append or else

happy bl