Append collection in game runtime

How can i append an entire collection from another blind file in game runtime?

In UPBGE 0.3+ we use a BPY operator to append / import a blend asset; such as an object or collection, and then convert it from a BPY object to an BGE KX_GameObject.

import bge, bpy

def main(self):

    filepath = "D:\\Blender\\Projects\\untitled.blend"
    bpy.ops.wm.append(directory=filepath+"/Object/", filepath="untitled.blend", filename="Suzanne")

A few other facts to know:

  • You can mass convert BPY objects to BGE objects via a list or collection group.
  • Make sure to use the appropriate count and type of slashes depending on your operating system.

Ok. But i was trying to just get the entire collection.

Processing: 1655156178846291763232725453770.jpg…

In this script example, you can import a collection from an external blend file, then mass convert all child objects from that collection into BGE objects.

import bge, bpy

def main(self):

    COLLECTION_NAME = "My_Assets"
    BLEND_PATH = "D:\\Blender\\Projects\\untitled.blend"
    bpy.ops.wm.append(filename=str(COLLECTION_NAME), directory=str(BLEND_PATH)+"\\Collection\\")
    self.owner.scene.convertBlenderCollection([str(COLLECTION_NAME)], bool(ASNC_LOADING))

Oopss…it doesn’t work either

It says: nothing indicated

Was able to solve it my self

This is my working code

It turns out that you just have to make sure there isn’t a light source in the collection you want to take to the other blend file

This is odd behavior. For me when I run my script at BGE runtime, my lights get converted with no errors.