append function changes the size of object

i am working with metric sizing. when i append an object to a new blend file to reduce clutter the size is all wrong. for example i have an edge that is half inch 1.27cm consistent all the way around the model and when i append it not only does it change size dramatically larger but now all the edges that should be the same are all different they go from 82.175cm to all over the place 83. 84. :spin::no::mad::rolleyes: any thoughts?:smiley:

can you upload a sample file so can check if we get the same thing

happy 2.5

well basically extrude a line in edit mode with metric unit conversion on and in the transform panel click the edge length button under mesh display so you can see the length. save then append it and look at the size of the line ps i am typing in the decimal place for cm. so to get a half inch you would have to type in extrude -y-.0127-enter …
ok i just tried that and nothing seemed to be wrong! so it must be a glitch with this file
but this brings me to this problem - when you are in object mode it gives you this nice little box to type in all your scaling needs but in edit mode you have to type it in without the box and that leeds you to have to convert everything to meter decimal place which can get cumbersome and confusing … in object mode you can type in 1.27cm in the box but in edit you have to type in .0127 with no box… not that big of a deal but when i was switching back and fourth from edit to object things dont seem to line up right…

you know what never mind! ill just suffer- all the problems seem to only happen on the important file im working on and nothing else… maybe its karma? :spin:

When you modify the size of anything in -Object Mode- i noticed that you have to Apply -> Scale to avoid some problems later (never noticed a problem if the scaling is done in Edit Mode).
Maybe that’s one of those case, in which if you scale the model in Object Mode, save it without having done Apply -> Scale, appending it does not take in account the rescaling you did.

ya this seem to solve the problem! thanks!