Append image from files browser to selected image texture node by just one or double click?by python

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how can i append image from files browser to selected image texture node by just one or double click (without dragging it from file browser region to shader node editor region)?
I want to do this from the file browser region that is already in my user interface without opening a new file browser window

If I understand you, you just want to add a single texture into your node tree?
Drag and Drop is the only way I know of !..

I do not want to add a new node, is there no a python script to do this?

Not that I know of…and I have NO idea how to write the script in Python!
See if you can change your title to "Use Python etc etc…on the front of it.
Maybe the coders out there will have an idea!

Honestly…I think the D&D workflow will save a ton of clicking…add new material (1)
Drag from your file browser already on the screen (2) connect it to Principled (3) clicks. vs. starting with a node in place.

In my opinion it makes no difference, you did not save the drag, you have to position it anyway at the desired place and have to click it afterwards.

I want to do this for quick and direct access to files without repeating the process of opening the file more than once. I try to adjust the user interface and settings in Blender so that it facilitates new users, especially novice ones, to deal with Blender, as well as the same for users who have moved from other programs such as substance painter, I see that Blender is not much different from substance painter as many people think, and in order to prove this, I configure Blender in various ways such as using customize ui and also writing python script even though I am a beginner in programming


The amaranth toolset addon (Active image node in editor) works with the same idea that I want to implement