append/link material frustrations

so i’m sure there’s a logic behind the current system, but for the end user, there is a big problem with how things work, and it just cost me losing a bunch of work without any clear warning.

i can’t remember the exact order of things, but the long and the short of it was i had brought in some linked cycles materials, thinking they were in fact appended. blender let me modify the node setup for these materials with no warning, and upon getting the scene the way i like, i saved and closed it. when i re-opened the file, all my materials had of course reverted back to the settings from the linked file.

now its easy to dismiss it as “you should have been more careful/aware”, but i still think its an oversight that you can change a bunch of settings, and think you are saving the changes, on materials that are in fact read-only. :frowning: