Append/Linking: linked object isn't movable

Title pretty much sums it up. It’s been a problem that I’ve been having as I attempt to keep my work modular, but while I’ve been fine just appending objects in the past as a workaround, I’ve found that as my current scene gets busier, I’m wanting to just Link objects from a separate .blend file instead. However, when I do, they appear in my current scene rooted to the spot and nothing I can do will budge them from their spawn location.

I imagine there’s probably some button I need to press somewhere, but I’ve never been able to figure it out. Any suggestions?

Linked objects link EVERYTHING associated with that object… including location.

Instead of linking objects, either add that object to a group and link that, or just link the mesh, then assign an object in the main blend file. You can create groups with Ctrl-G, and more group controls are in the Object Buttons (F7).


Hm. Okay, thanks for the pointers!


You can also make the object you have linked in a proxy object which you will then be able to move and scale etc.

To do this link in your object as normal.

At that point the object will be in your scene but unmovable (and outlined in cyan depending on your theme colours). Select the object and press ctrl+alt+p (Make proxy). When the confirmation popup appears accept it. You can also use the menu item in the Object menu to make proxy also.

Now you should have a movable linked in object.

Nice one terry, I’ve wondred how to do this in the past as well.