append nodes?

Blender doesn’t seem to let me append nodes from one .blend to another. It carries on as if the nodes were appended, but they’re nowhere to be found, not in the outliner or anything. Surely you can append nodes, so what am I doing wrong? I’m doing it the same as if it were an object or something.

I believe that you can only append node groups. Are the nodes you want to import grouped in your original file?



I agree with Lynda - the nodes must be grouped. The article has a section on how to group the nodes, as well as what not to include in the groups.

Best of Luck!

But the nodes already are in groups :frowning:

Are you appending the group (Node Tree) or the individual nodes?

dunno what the difference is. What I’m doing: in the node editor window, I box select my appropriate nodes and then hit CTRL+G to group. I save the file then try to append from another and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Ah, when I append, I click on “Node tree” to append, yes. That’s where I find the group name. Still nothing. Plz Help!

It would seem the only reference to appending nodes is for material nodes… Maybe blender can’t append composite nodes yet??? (doubtful) Anyone know for sure?

After you append the nodetree, have you tried hitting right-click/ add/ group/ whatever the name is in your node window?

Thnx, I’ll give it a shot right now.

EDIT: Awesome, you’re a life saver. Always wondered what that option was for!

It’s what you have to do to duplicate groups inside a .blend, so I guessed … :slight_smile:

thanks for that blender wiki link. i had no idea what the hell nodes were even thought everyone is allways talking about them