Append Nodes?

I was wondering. Can I append a set of nodes from another blend file? I have a rather delicate node setup which is extremely hard to duplicate from scratch every time I want to use it. Is there an easier way to so this?:confused:


-C. Wynn-

Not sure if this help any but.

If you add the nodes you wish to link/append to a node group you can then append/link to them from another file and they will update if you change them. I think this works even for 2.45 and i know it works for 2.48.

Hope this helps.

Agreed - nodes must be grouped in order to append. However, there are certain types of nodes that should not be contained in the group:

Input nodes such as render layers should not be included
Output nodes such as file or render output nodes should not be included.

Best of Luck!

It works! Thanks guys. I just grouped my set of nodes together and it appeared on the groups tab once I appended it. Never tried that before. This will save me alot of time:).

-C. Wynn-