Append parented objects and overwrite them

hi guys

so i’ve got this dog. my buddy and i shared the work on it.
while he did the rigging of the bones, i did a nice little muscle system. (bendybones deforming mesh objects used to drive shrinkwraps. i couldnt find any better skin slide option)
now we’d like to bring them in together.
there is no problem in importing vertex weights and modifiers, so thats nice.
but all those muscles are parented to bones, that still exist and have the same name and position (that was the whole idea)
appending them they dont retain the parenting value. (on the armature bones, that is)
i guess i could rewire them by hand, but there are quite o lot of them, and i feel that the system should do it for me.

3dmax has that if you import a parented object, if the parent node (or an object with the same name) exists in the target scene, it will go for it.

what is the workaround for this in blender ?

thanks guys. you are awsome.


somehow, in the object tab, in relationship section, if i put back the “rig” in parent, the type and bone is kept.
ok, i can use that. using alt, it extends the change to all objects in selection.


it completely goes crazy, and mess up with the whole position rotation scale.
the whole thing now looks more like a squid than a dog. it went crazy.

still looking for a solution