Append problem

I created a scene, and appended an object but it doesn’t render, or perhaps it is lacking the materials, which are in the appended file. Also, I can’t get into edit mode, as if I had linked the file instead of append.

Any thoughts?


Sometime some objects needs to be parented to other object for being seen in the viewport…

I see it in the viewport, but not rendered.

The problem was that the appended object was created with Cycles in mind, so I just had to switch to that rendering engine. Of course, this screwed up some of the other models in the project, but nothing that can’t be overcome. However, I still can’t get into Edit Mode on the appended object.


Hi SterlingY, how is your object configured in the outliner? It is visible (the eye) because you see it in the viewport. But perhaps it is accidentally set to “non selectable” (the arrow, in this case you can’t select it and therefore not switch to edit mode) and perhaps it is “not renderable” (the camera, that would explain, why it is not rendered).

Everything is renderable and selectable. As I mentioned above, using the cycles engine fixed being able to see it in a rendered image, however, I am still not able to go into edit mode. This is not the case with some other appened objects.

Strange - what happens if you re-append it? What kind of object is it?