Append question


I cant seem to be able to append mesh in another file. The only time i managed to do i was when i had a fresh empty file.

On the flip side i can append material from the blender material gallery.

Any idea what im doing wrong? I have blender 2.23. I have upgraded lately from version 2.03 from the blender official guide.



if you append a mesh, it won’t appear on the screen. you need to assign it to an object, or better yet, append the whole object

if you are selecting the mesh in the Mesh list (when appending), it’s normal that you don’t see it, since it only imports the DATA of the mesh, not the actual object. To correct this, either link the data to an object, or append the object in the first place.


Thanks for the reply that was my problem i was trying to append the mesh rather then the object. :slight_smile:


i can see the different folders inside the file if i start with an empty file , but i seem to be having problems with any other files if i try to append any mesh from them.