append rig problem (could not find some custom bone shape)

i try to append a group of rig (included all bone shape)
why some “bone shape” that used by more than one bone could not be find in scene outliner or in 3d view?

i try to do it in blender 2.49 and it work (no problem in appending group)
but when i try it on 2.6 or 2.64 i find this problem,…

sory for my bad languange, i’m not good in english :o
hopefully, i could get some help guys. thanks

Different layers? Or not all elements appended?

@TCooper : thanks for the reaply :slight_smile:
not all elements appended
here the screen shoot
(in the image) i can not find “circle” on scene so i can not edit that mesh.

and this is screenshoot of blender 2.49, append group is working

Is the file a blender 2.49 file that you are trying to append into blender 2.6x? There were a few changes between 2.49 & 2.50 (basically a lot of code was re-written) and not everything in 2.49 files will work in 2.5-2.6. Animations made in 2.49 will generally have problems in 2.6x. You could perhaps just appended the missing object, or you could upload the file here so someone can look at it.


@revolt_randy : thanks for the reaply :slight_smile:
no, i’m not trying to append rig into another version of blender
i created new blend file for each test.

step by step that i did:

  • chose blender version
  • created a simple rig test, just a rig with custom bone shape, created a group (rig and all custom bone shape in one group)
  • created new blend file and tried to append group

i did the same stepbystep for testing each blender version (blender 2.49, 2.60 , 2.63, 2.64)
all bone shape appended on blender 2.49 (no problem here) but when i did a test with blender 2.6x , i could not found some bone shape. (bone shape that used by more than one bone)

blend file (using blender 2.63)

Indeed, very strange, it only fails when the object is used by more than one bone. And the object does append in that you can see it as a bone shape, but the mesh object isn’t there or seen in outliner. If the shape is used by only 1 bone, it works as it should. Interesting that it does appear in the outliner datablocks view as an object.

I’m thinking this is a bug and should be reported.