Append scene appears as linked

Hi guys, i m having troubles when trying to append an scene from another file. I select the option to append and blender loads the file, but instead of appending it it appears linked.
Which can be the cause for this weird behavior???
I tried a work around: I tried to make local the linked data, but nothing happens.

2.5 ?
There is a little checkbox somewhere to press on and the object becomes specific inside your new project.

Hi Almux thank you. It would be of great help to know where that check box is, but anyways, i tried to make the objects local and also changed them to “local” in the outliner, but nothing happens. I m not allowed to do that. I dunno if it is a bug or what. I m running Blender 2.49 and the files i m trying to append are from blender 2.48.
I also tried to save the 248 files into 249 but still getting the same problem.
Is there another work around?