Append ShapeKeys?

Hi, me and my friend is working on a project together that needs some shapekeys, and we thought that we could make the shapes together (I do 20 and he 20) The question is how the heck do we append the shapekeys to the same file afterwards?

I dunno if you can…the best I can think of is maybe linking mesh data? You’d maybe have to switch off with the same file, which I guess would defeat the purpose…

there are scripts that copy shapes. there’s even one by me that does something similar

Merge the models into one scene (just using append)
Use the mesh script called “RVK1 to RVK 2” (from the edit mode menu/scripts)

I’ve used this to combine a bunch of imported OBJ files to one object with shapekeys.

Don’t know what RVK stands for, but it does the job!

I must admit that I’ve not tried it on two blender objects with shape keys in each, just on imported objs…but can’t see why it wouldn’t work… there’s always the surefire way of duplicating your model and getting rid of all the shapes but the one you want in each, but that may be un-necesary

iirc RVK’s were going to be the type(implimentation rather) of shape keys blender was going to have at first but for some reason it was not finished.

Don’t know what RVK stands for, but it does the job!

I think it stands for Relative Vertex Keys

Yepp, got it to work with the RVK thingy, Thanks a bunch