Appended(Linked) objects bugged

hi everyone,
first of i have no idea why this is happening to me but what happes is the following(going to try to explain the best i can)…
the first bug is when at the upper menu i try to add a objct to a group i just created it simply duplicates the mesh and all its settings…the second bug is that i created a wooden box and added to a group and the same problem didnt happen when in the upper menu i tried to add to a group i have created earlier,it worked perfectly so when i append(link actually) the box,it buggs out the trees textures eveytime i look to the box direction?
here i have a couple examples which should be enuff for ur comprehention ,i guess? lol

as u guys can see the second one is bugged when im facing towards the box direction…
any help here is greatly appreciated!