Appended Objects Untextured Issue + Importing Into Unity Question

I downloaded both Costache’s Gmod Ponies and MirceaKitsune’s Gmod Ponies from the Blend Swap website but am having some issues with appending them in Blender and importing them into the Unity game engine.

When I create a new Blender file and use the append function to choose the pony (objects) I want, the appended models do not have any textures (i.e. all grey) even though the source models are fully textured. May I know why this is so?

Also, when I import the ponies into Unity, they do not have any textures on them. They have solid colours, with white eyes (much like the “Solid” 3D view in Blender). The Blend Swap downloads did not include any external texture files so I am not sure what I can do to resolve this issue.

I would really appreciate any tips/advice/assistance regarding these two issues.

Try opening the BLEND file directly instead of appending. Blender has the ability to ‘pack’ textures along with the BLEND file (like a ZIP file). You can unpack them by choosing menu File/External Data/Unpack Into Files. If there are any textures associated with the BLEND a new folder, typically named textures will be created and the packed textures will be placed in that folder. From there you may still have to select the material on the model and re-connect the file name to the material (Blender Internal or Cycles). Note: Both Blender Internal and Cycles can render from packed texture maps so to determine if the maps exist simply press F12 to render an image. If you still see a grey surface in the render then there may be no textures at all for the model.

Ah, so the “all grey” issue in Blender happened because I wasn’t using the ‘Cycles Render’ engine! I have switched to using cycles and the textures show up fine for my appended ponies now.

As for the Unity issue, I found out I could unpack the textures from within Blender and then manually apply them to my imported pony models in Unity.

Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile: