Appended particle system dissapearing?

appending a particle system, applying it to a plane, all okay.
save, close and reopen .blend, particle system no longer visible although still applied to plane. why is it dissapearing from the plane?

Because particle emissions need to cache, and when DATA level is stored (appended part sys) it hasn´t been assigned to a SCENE level. Click your appended particles, go to particle properties. CLICK “+” to create a new particle system BASED OFF your apppended DATA. NOW it´s correctly STORED onto SCENE level with a DATA ID.

Yeah. mumbo-yumbo.
But it works.

Ah! Don´t forget to FREE ALL BAKES FIRST, and then BAKE ALL FRAMES to a temporary folder (make a folder with the project name on it, save this file) you´ll get it working.


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Show some of the artwork when you have it. Go Blender? :smiley:

Still a work in progress, heres one of the raws so far.