Appending a Curve

Can a curve be appended from another file? After navigating to “File => Append” I am able to browse to the library file, and select a curve within it. But after I click the browser’s “Append” button, the curve does not appear in the 3D Editor, nor does it appear in the Outliner Editor.

You need to append the Object for it to appear in the scene immediately. If you append a Curve, you’re appending just the data block. For it to appear, you’ll need to create a new curve object, then go into object properties (green curve tab) and switch out the data block there. That will only contain curve points and all basic curve data settings, but since it’s not an object it’ll not have modifiers, etc. So, typically you’d append whole object from the Object folder in the .blend file.

Thank you. This did work. The data block was being appended, I just did not know it would have to be applied to an existing curve in Object Data Properties.

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Me neither: this was (theoretically) valuable down the road.