Appending a Material Isn't Working

I posted a thread on here a few weeks ago and asked about importing materials. I have a material from the Blender Material Repository and would like to get the material in that blend file to another blend file where I will actually use the material. I’ve Googled appending and think I understand it but am not completely sure.

I start in my project file (the file of the project that I want to use the downloaded material in) and I go to file > append or shift+F1. Then I go to the blend file I downloaded and select the material I want and click “Link/Append from Library” then nothing happens. The append menu closes and takes me back to my project. From my understanding you change an object’s material by selecting the object and going to the “material” tab of that object correct? So I do that and the default material is still there. When I append it (if I’m even doing it right) do I have to move it somewhere or do I have to do something before I can use it?

I hope I didn’t explain it in a confusing way, forgive me if I did and thanks for all responses in advance.

When you append the material it will then be kept in the material store in the .blend file, just starts off set to no users. To use it, it should be in the drop down list in the materials panel. Just hit this button here, and it’ll hopefully be there.

How about them pro circling skills :wink: Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ahh there we go, thanks! Although in the view window (probably not the correct term for it) my objects are just a darker shade of the default material but when I render the image I see the texture. Thanks a ton!

Well if you want to change the colour of the object in the 3d viewport, on that same materials panel there, if you go to the settings drop down bit, you can change the viewport colour there. :slight_smile: