Appending an Group with the same name creates an copy of that group?


I have several cars in single files. In every file i have defined an Group called “Cars”

My idea was to have one organised group for every car that i add to my scene.

To my surprise. I append my Group with an single car to my scene and i get Cars.001, Cars.002.

Is there an option that i am missing?

I hope my description was clear. I found nothing via Google…so i guess i use the wrong keywords.

I hope my description was clear

Well not so much but … when you group objects and they have the same “Group Name” you will end up with that. put all the parts to one car in a group and call it (group) say Car.01 - make another group for Car.02 etc.

I don’t know the full answer, but to clarify - are you trying to end up with a single ‘parent’ car which has multiple ‘children’ which are controlled by some of the parent’s properties, instead of having to control every detail of each individual car? Blender does allow parent/child structures, maybe look into that feature?

Thank you both for answering.

I found the answer by myself.
I misused the Group System as an Type of Layer System. Grouping several objects to make them visible/renderable.

My idea was to define a Group on an asset file. When i append that file…my intention was to have all objects in the same Group as the predefined group. In my instance all cars i append are on the same group.

So it was an error on my side. This topic can be closed.