Appending and linking object in tutorials.

I am having a Problem with the appending and link thing for mountains out of molehlls and adding the monkey file to it. i try a million times with everything and tryed object but it didn’t work.
For some reason it just won’t put the monkey on the scene. I’ve done what the tutorial wanted to do except make the hate due to some odd things with the circle.( it was filled in). (Is this a problem?)

I need help and want to know what you suggest.

The file size for the monkey is: 150 256

The file size for the hills are: 382 496
P.S. Is that part of the problem? :frowning:


Have you checked the layer the object is on? When you append an object, it comes in on the same layer as it is on in the original blend file. Press the tilde (~) key to turn on all layers and see if it doesn’t show up.

Best of Luck!

Thanks that just did it thank you very much OBI_Ron.

Glad I could help!