Appending Animation Rig

I want to append an object that I already have rigged for animation into another blend file. The problem is that it seems I can append the armature and the object separately and then have to re parent the bones to the mesh and then do that all over again when I have already done it and am trying to import it all into my scene. So is there a way to do so, import both armature and the mesh it controls so that I don’t have to re-parent it again?

Are you appending the armature & mesh objects, or just the armature and mesh? In the first attached screenshot notice the yellow arrow to objects, click on that, then in the new file directory that appears, shift-select everything that is needed, as in the 2nd screenshot. An easier way is to in the character file, group all the objects (in object mode) that make up the character with ctrl-g and selecting the correct option from the popup menu (add to new group option for the 1st object selected, add to existing group for all other objects). Then just append the group. Works the same in 2.49 and 2.53 as far as I know.



Ah thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: