Appending armatures

Appending armatures:

I’m fairly sure this has been asked before but can’t find anything like this. :frowning:

I have a body mesh and an armature rigged together.

When I append the mesh and the armatures, they are no longer rigged.
How do I get them linked together again?

If your Mesh has Vertex Groups assigned then select it with RMB and Shft-RMB your Armature then hit Ctrl-P and choose “Don’t Use Groups”.



This doesn’t seem to work for me…

I mean, I know how to fix the problem… But in pre 2.40 versions, it just worked naturally… I would append the generic (already rigged) puppet along with it’s armature, and it would just work in the new file…

Whereas now, it does this:

Is there any way of going back to the old method? :frowning:

I mean without having to re-rigg the puppet each time?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That left foot probably has an incorrectly named Vertex Group or Foot Bone.

Try this (I’ve just tested it with 2.37a and 2.23 models and it works in 2.40); Shft-F1 and navigate to the .blend that has the Character. Goto the (white) Object Library (not the Armature one) and select the Armature and the Mesh with RMB (turns blue) and hit Enter. Obviously, if the Character has more than one Mesh, like Eyes, Belt, Shoes etc then you need to select them all. The idea is that, if you bring all of the parented Mesh in with the Armature simultaneously, then everything is still parented and it all works as it did in the home file without having to re-parent anything.



Thanks for the quick reply! :wink:

I have always done it the way you’re describing it…

I even think it was you who told me how to do it, the first time…

And it just worked fine until now…

Now I thought it was because of 2.40, but I just went back to 2.37a, and it still doesn’t work! :o

I have to admit that I edited the puppet slightly under 2.40…

Here is the source file, with the original generic puppet… And here is the the appended broken puppet

They are 50 Ko each…

Is there anything wrong with them, Doctor??? :frowning:

I have done it again with a backup puppet (not edited in 2.40), and it works normally in 2.37a!

What am I doing wrong?

Or maybe it’s a bug we should report?

Appending ‘John’ and ‘SkeletJohn’ everything works 100% here.


Under 2.40?

Yep, on win XP.


Hmmm… I’m on a Mac…

But let me double check, before I accuse the PPC version… :-?

Thank you very much!

it’s funny this model looks like the rigging system of 3DSMAX.